Coaching is intended to have a real impact in your daily life, but as an integral coach I won’t give advice or tell my clients what to do. In order to have real, lasting impact, I see clients as a complete person and coach the person, not the issue. In opening up possibilities for ways to manage more than what the client came to me for in the first place, we can make systemic and lasting change, which is much more impactful than simply learning a set of tools.

As the client seeks clarity, connection and courage to do this transformative work, we will work together to create the right balance to access resources. I use imagery and metaphor to give the client a felt sense of what the out-of-balance state is like and what the in-balance state would be like because the tension lies in what you can’t see, what you’re not connected to or where fear has constrained you.

Then I introduce you to an immersive self-development program so that you can start to feel what it would be like to integrate what’s missing. It would allow you to explore what it means to be your authentic best. We will work together to define your unique vision, understand why you’re not there, and create a strategic behavioral course to help you get there and stay there. We examine lifestyle, relationships, daily routine, and patterns. We identify your signature strengths, how to cultivate and live from those strengths, and systematically transform how you show up with greater well-being in your life.

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