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I feel incredibly blessed to have had the opportunity to work with my life coach, Dayna Deaton. The experience was a positive life changer for me! Dayna was a deep and compassionate listener. Her probing questions helped me to identify my passions and fears. After she had taken time to really understand my personal struggles, she presented a plan for me. My plan had achievable and task-oriented goals which helped me to move toward leading a life of passion and returning to a career I loved. Her loving support helped me to build self-worth and empowered me to action. As I achieved my goals she celebrated my successes with me. I especially appreciated the empowerment Dayna gave me by helping me realize the value of my life choice of being a stay at home mom. With Dayna’s coaching, I have learned to look at my big life decisions while first considering my passions and dreams. Through her, I have found more inner strength and purpose and I will always be grateful for her guidance and support.

– annette

Teacher/Mother, looking to reboot her career after years of raising children

Working with Dayna was such a positive and unexpected experience. I started out talking with a stranger and ended up finding a caring and trusted advisor and friend!

I was in a job where I felt stuck and had no idea where I wanted to go or how to get there. Through my work with Dayna I realized I held the key to the change I needed to make—I just had to use it.  I started doing the things we discussed and ended up finding an amazing job where I feel appreciated, respected and empowered. 

I feel so much less stress and more at peace in my life. I believe I am a better person for myself and my family thanks to this process. 

– shari

Professional Organizer, looking to gain greater satisfaction in her career

If you are very lucky and your stars are aligned in the heavens, you will end up with Dayna for your life coach. My therapist retired and my daughter suggested a Life Coach, and Dayna agreed to take me on. It was a perfect match. Dayna intuitively knows just what you need. She gave me mantras to practice every day and little assignments to accomplish before our next session. Sometimes I fell short but I never felt like I couldn’t be honest with her.

Dayna is so non-judgmental, and for me, that was really important. She was always encouraging and positive. Her encouragement and advice stay with you, long after your contact with her is gone. During this pandemic I felt absolutely paralyzed and overwhelmed because I wasn’t doing anything productive. Her voice came back to me, “Just do one small thing… clear off one little area at a time. Breathe. Meditate. Take a walk. Remember… you are enough.”

Thank you, Dayna, for becoming a Life Coach!

– pam

Retired Educator/Tireless Volunteer, learning how to care for herself

Working with Dayna has been an incredible gift that keeps on giving.

One of Dayna’s greatest strengths is her ability to navigate through life’s pathways together. She was able to guide me and bring forth different perspectives that I might never have been aware of. She provided me tools and taught me how to use them to my advantage to promote self-love and care.

Dayna has a simple way of saying something that makes sense, sticks with you and resonates when you need it the most.

I feel stronger, more stable and confident after Dayna’s coaching. She taught me how to be more kind to myself and assured me that I have everything I need within me. I now am able to stand stronger and take care of myself so I can therefore care for others without feeling depleted.

I highly recommend a coaching journey with Dayna! You can gain so much that will last a lifetime. Dayna is a true gem and has a gift to be a powerful coach.

– shireen

Esthetician/Single Parent, looking to successfully transition into a new community after cross country move

Dayna has a dynamic set of skills and talents, that in combination, make her a great coach with much to offer her clientele. As a coach myself, I recognized Dayna’s abilities before she even began her training. Dayna coached me as she was completing her certification. It was a vulnerable time for me as a result of two serious health challenges. Dayna had the perfect temperament for me at that time. She had no agenda for me, but used her persuasive and gentle approach to encourage me to move forward where I was stuck. She was sensitive to my situation and kind, which allowed me to be vulnerable. I was fortunate to be one of Dayna’s clients and I expect great things from her in the years to come.

– wendy

Executive Coach, looking for deeper purpose in her work

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