on success

Success comes in different shapes and forms.

Material wealth is often mistaken for true riches.

Status is often measured by rank or position within a culture.

It is what we believe to be valuable, to be most extraordinary.

My heart has been asleep for most of my life time.

One day my soul woke up…

The experience of loss and realization of how rich one moment can be, gently rocked me into a conscious state.

To bathe oneself in a moment.

To free fall into time and space until they fuse together as one, until there is no difference between the two.

Time as you have known it, no longer exists.

Now you know the beauty of the moment, which takes you places within yourself you may not dare to go…

Until one day, the world looks different simply because something within your life experience shifted…

My desire now, is to experience as much as I can for as long as I have.

The challenge is to truly live life passionately with the hope we leave a legacy of sorts.

True desire weaves such amazing journeys, leaving behind a portrait of life, your life

My hope, my wish is to drink each moment with the sheer feeling of ecstasy, because I am alive.